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OpenJade Binaries and Sources

2000-07-25 OpenJade 1.3-1 source code for Windows NT/2000 available

Some people asked for the sources. So here they are. They should compile with VC 6.0 SP3 on Windows NT/2000.
Note: I included the Perl generated message catalogs in the archive. So you probably won't need Perl to build the packages.

    md5sum: 1099bb4e0e253346855c5ef55cee8d65 2,567,328 bytes

2000-03-10 OpenJade 1.3-1 binaries for Windows NT/2000 available

Some problems occured when using locales where '.' is not the decimal symbol(e.g. german).
This was related to misconfigured compiler options in the original source tree.

    md5sum: ec7b592be92994a394807019c1cb7001   openjade-1.3-1.exe 1,558,276 bytes

2000-03-07 OpenJade 1.3 binaries for Windows NT/2000 available

OpenJade binaries are available as single executable installation file.

    md5sum: 91f134be98b4d4580de62d8689d63824   openjade-1.3.exe 1,557,932bytes

Although all necessary files are installed to run OpenJade you will have to make adjustements to your local catalog file and/or to the SGML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable.

Note: The installation has been compiled and packaged for use with Windows NT 4.0/2000. It may run with Windows 9x but that's totally untested.

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